Here’s how you can own a piece of FloydFest’s history

FLOYD, Va. – Hey, FloydFest fans! You can now own a piece of FloydFest’s history.

Floydfest’s Dreaming Creek Main Stage, built in 2004, was taken down in the summer of 2023, surpassing its expected lifespan of lasting until FloydFest 2022.

Across-the-Way Productions salvaged pieces of the stage during the demolition, which can be purchased as “Dreaming Creek Main Stage Cuts” and “Dreaming Creek Main Stage Dust.”

The cuts are pieces of wood from the stage, hand-sanded and wood engraved. The dust is limited-edition sawdust from the stage, corked in a glass jar and labeled, to serve as collectible keepsakes.

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About the Author:

Lauren Helkowski joined WSLS 10’s digital team in August 2022, but has held a passion for storytelling long before.