‘I don’t care if it’s Judge Judy or Aaron Judge': Sen. Tim Kaine says he won’t support an illegitimate process

Kaine urges Trump, Republicans to wait until after November election to nominate a Supreme Court justice

Sen. Tim Kaine said Republicans are breaking a promise by rushing to appoint a new U.S. Supreme Court justice before the November election.

Kaine, a Democrat, spoke with members of the media on Thursday and said Republicans agreed before the 2016 election to not appoint a Supreme Court justice before a presidential election.

President Trump has said he plans to announce his pick on Saturday before the GOP-controlled U.S. Senate would vote.

Kaine said it’s still not a done deal because the nominee’s record would be scrutinized first.

“I don’t care if it’s Judge Judy or Aaron Judge, I’m not voting for a nominee that comes out of an illegitimate process,” said Kaine.

He said the main reason Republicans want to fill the seat now is to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

A major case over Obamacare is set to appear before the Supreme Court on Nov. 10, just one week after the election.

Between the current eight justices, the votes could be tied.

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