We know you want to help, but Virginia National Guard cannot ‘logistically accept donations’

Guard members are receiving proper lodging when off duty

Images of National Guard lying on the floor of the Capitol sparked the community's desire to help them out.

RONAOKE, Va. – After photos of members of the National Guard sleeping in the Capitol went viral, the community responded with the desire to send care packages.

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Hundreds of National Guard troops hold inside the Capitol Visitor's Center to reinforce security at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021. The House of Representatives is pursuing an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump for his role in inciting an angry mob to storm the Capitol last week. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

However, the Virginia National Guard Chief of Public Affairs Cotton Puryear said while they appreciate the donations, they “are not logistically able to accept donations of any kind.”

Puryear wants to reassure the community that all 2,000 guard members are receiving proper lodging when off duty.

He said when troops are lying down in the Capitol they are just sleeping in between shifts.

Thirty states sent a combined total of 20,000 National Guard members to protect the government seat after the insurrection a week ago.

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