No, Virginia isn’t eliminating accelerated math courses

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RICHMOND, Va. – The rumored elimination of accelerated math programs before 11th grade has sparked concerns among parents in Virginia. But the state superintendent says that is not the case.

The confusion may be over the development of the Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative or VMPI.

State leaders are looking at ways to modernize and update instruction, so students receive a relevant math education that would help prepare them for life after school.

“We are not eliminating accelerated courses we are not reducing rigor in the program, and with the focus on data analytics, we are increasing more rigorous opportunities for students,” said Dr. James Lane, VDOE superintendent for public instruction. “We are not eliminating paths to calculus and increasing pathways students may want to choose.”

As discussions continue, community feedback will be needed; but they won’t make changes to the requirement anytime soon.