Dispute sparks noisy controversy at Catawba wedding venue

Disruptive or just another day on the farm?

By Brittny McGraw - Anchor

CATAWBA, Va. - The following video is of a wedding ceremony at Triple J Farm Events in Catawba from this past weekend. 

A man can be heard weed eating during the ceremony. 

The video has had a lot of people talking.

Those who've attended weddings at Triple J say this is deliberately disruptive on the bride and groom's special day.

"It's always the same thing -- right before the wedding starts, a bunch of noise, racket, disruption -- directly across from where they're having the wedding ceremony," said Kidd Carter, president of Blue Ridge Entertainment.

Carter was the wedding's DJ and recorded the video at Triple J Farm Events in Catawba.

"To watch them not even be able to say their vows in peace, it's horrible to watch," Carter said.

Triple J Farm's wedding venue is right across the road from Catawba Equestrian Center.

The center's owner, Deborah Caldwell-Bono, says this isn't intentional.

They have a working farm and they've always worked on Saturdays, which is often at the same time as weddings.
"We do our work when we want, as we want, as we can -- and if it interferes with an event at this point, I'm really, really sorry for the bride, but you look to the reason, and it's not us," Bono said.  

Bono says the music from the wedding celebrations has been disruptive for neighbors.

"They don't need to take over the valley on Saturday nights and impose their events on everyone else," said Bono.

Bono says they're willing to work toward a solution.

Triple J Farm Events declined to comment because of ongoing litigation related to this, but did share the following: 

"……we are sorry for any stress this has caused and assure them their day will be beautiful and perfect. No bride has ever left unhappy."

Triple J says they hope that the weed eating doesn't get in the way of a couple's happily ever after.

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