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Balenciaga debuts the high heels of everyone’s nightmares, Croc stilettos

These kicks were made as a part of the fashion brand’s Spring 2022 collection

Croc stiletto featured by Balenciaga
Croc stiletto featured by Balenciaga (Balenciaga)

Name a better duo than Balenciaga and Crocs? I’ll wait — but not for long because we can all see that these heels are out of a fever dream.

French fashion brand, Balenciaga, unveiled Croc Stilettos as part of its Spring 2022 collection last Sunday, according to Complex.

If green isn’t your style, then no worries, because the heels deemed as the “world’s most comfortable shoes” come in various colors.

These stilettos still have the charm of your favorite pair of Croc shoes but with a black high-heel added to the soles. But if you’re looking to buy a pair, it looks like you’re going to have to wait for them to hit stores in 2022.

This also isn’t the first time the two fashion brands have teamed up. You may remember those $850 platform Crocs that were going around on social media for a while.

Much like those shoes, these Croc stilettos are taking the social media sphere by storm with the general consensus that these shoes are highly questionable.

Here’s what folks on social media had to say about the Croc stilettos:






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