Lindsey meets NBC's Jay Gray while in Windsor for royal wedding

Gray is one of countless journalists in Windsor for Saturday

WINDSOR, England – While outside Windsor Castle, we ran into NBC's Jay Gray and spoke with him about Saturday's wedding.

He's on the road all of the time, covering the biggest stories across both America and the world. In many newscasts, we toss to Jay as he reports on location. 

Jay said being in Windsor for the Royal Wedding is great fun.

"It’s amazing because this town, as you guys are finding out, is really being overrun by people that want to celebrate this wedding, and it’s not only locals, but it’s a lot of Americans here that wanna be a part of it, so it’s been a unique experience, something very different than any of the things I’ve covered in the past," said Gray.

He says it’s a nice change of pace from the breaking news and devastation he’s often covering.

"It’s unbelievable and it’s nice to be covering something that has significance both here and back at home because we have an American entering the royalty here, so it’s really cool," said Gray. 

Gray isn't the only other journalist in the area -- there are crews from all over the world here in Windsor.

We’ve met journalists from Chile, Australia and Croatia, just to name a few. 

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