Royal super fans all set for Saturday's wedding

For 21 years, they've camped outside numerous big royal events

LONDON – As the final preparations for the royal wedding happen, some have been camped out waiting for nearly a week.

John Loughrey and his friends call themselves royal super fans or enthusiasts and they've been waiting in Winsor since Sunday.

For 21 years, they’ve camped outside numerous big events, such as William and Kate’s wedding and the queen’s 90th birthday party. 

On Saturday, they’ll make new memories at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

"We’ll see them in the carriage going into St. George’s Chapel. We’re going to see them coming out as husband and wife and that’s very special. And we’re going to be waving our Union flags and our American flags and we'll be waving our shoes as well because they have American flags on them. And, of course, Princess Diana will be there with them as well, shining down on them, giving her blessings in St. George’s Chapel," said Loughrey. 

The group has actually already met the royal couple at an appearance, so they feel connected to the two. 

"We’ve got a cake here. We’ve got party poppers. We've got confetti poppers, so it will be red, white and blue in different colors, and we’ve got champagne. We’ve got quite a bit a fizz, so we'll be going fizzy as well. We’ve gone fizzy with America joining together. We'll be joining hands from here, London, to America, over the Atlantic Ocean over a glass of champagne, congratulating Meghan Markle and Harry," said Loughrey.

Loughrey and his friends are pretty notorious. John has even appeared in USA Today as Princess Diana’s biggest fan. 

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