Parry McCluer Resurgence Undeniable

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BUENA VISTA (WSLS-10 SPORTS)  Parry McCluer has defeated rival Rockbridge County three years running.  The Blues are a 1A school, Rockbridge 3A.

So that's an indication that the Fightin Blues are back.   The team has returned to the perennial playoff power status that they held during the decade and a half from the late 70's thru early 90's.

They won five titles and were runner-up once in that 14 year span.   Coach Mike Craft's team has been back in the playoffs for the past five seasons including last year's 7-4 mark.

They are looking for more in 2016.

"It seems like we are coming back with a little resurgence. We have some good athletes, great participation for small school---we should have low 40's to mid 40's on the team this year.  But the whole town has become excited in the last five years. We went through a time of losing and now that we are winning and it has improved the mood of the whole town my opinion, " explains head coach Mike Craft.

"We expect to win a state championship this year, but we know you have to take that one week at a time, it's a process. We have small goals we are going to accomplish each week, and eventually the state championship should be the end result," says senior linebacker K.J. Cook.

" We are just gonna pound it down your throat kind of offense, it's a great offense and it works, like I said just looking forward to football season, " says running back and Auburn transfer Jeremy Nelson.

The Blues open with rival Rockbridge County on August 26th.