Perennial power Salem reloads

SALEM (WSLS 10 SPORTS) - Salem football has a statewide reputation as being one of the toughest teams in the 4A ranks. In 2015 the Spartans lived up to expectations going undefeated and capping off their season with a state championship. A year later, they have to start to from scratch.

"There's a point where hey, that was last year, and now we got to move on. As fun as it was and the good memories that we built, we need to move on from that so I think we're focused on this year," said Salem coach Stephen Magenbauer.

With a record of 50-4 over the last four seasons, Salem has an annual recipe for success and some of the ingredients that went into the state title run are in the mix again this year, including quarterback Noah Beckley.

"There's always pressure at Salem because we are always usually a winning program, and fans expect a lot out of us, so there's not much more pressure than there was last year," said Beckley.

Salem's been to the playoffs every year since 2004 but the Spartans know their success puts a target on their back, they only use that as motivation.

"When I go into every game I know the other team is coming out, they just want to beat us, everybody wants to beat Salem. You just have to have that mentality and give it everything you've got. Everyone looks forward to playing us honestly," explained Salem senior Kionte Burnette.

As the Spartans look to cook up another run to states, Coach Magenbauer knows this teams accomplishments are celebrated not only on the field, but throughout the school and the city.

"It means something to us, it means something to the community, we know that's important and we don't take that lightly. We'll do everything we can to put a good product on the field every Friday night that our community can be proud of," he said.

The quest for the repeat starts August 26th when the Spartans host Amherst County.