Appomattox seeking third straight Class 2 title

Raiders are 43-1 over a three-season span

APPOMATTOX, Va. –     Salem's Spartans are not the only local  high school football squad seeking a VHSL three-peat. Appomattox County will try for a third consecutive class 2 title this weekend.  The final is now scheduled for Sunday afternoon in Salem.

       The Raiders of coach Doug Smith have put up a remarkable 43-1 record over three seasons. Their lone loss came at the hands of Class 3 Heritage this year. The Pioneers are a win away from being  Class 3 state champs.
      The 13-1 Raiders have had to rebuild almost their entire offensive line from a year ago. The new group has come of age in time to reach the title tilt versus 13-1 Robert E Lee-Staunton. 

"We always try to win practice, we always try to win at home and in school. But we also know the reality is you’re going to get some adversity sometimes and we want to be ready to deal with that and how to have a great attitude with that.  Hopefully that’s what they understand because they are trying to win every play and I think that’s why they’ve been successful. They don’t get too excited over something they did great and they don’t drop their head over something they  have done wrong," Smith says.


  "Trust and honesty for us because after each play we don’t worry about it anymore we just trust in our teammates to the next play to get it done.  So just having each other‘s back is what I think is going to be a big key factor. That we have what we’ve had ever since we’ve won our first ring, just that brotherhood that we all have out here on the field, that we bring to the field, is what I think will be a big factor," Appomattox quarterback JaVon Scruggs says.


Appomattox Co. and Robert E. Lee are scheduled to kick off at 4:30 p.m. at Salem Stadium.