Dan River returns speed in 2018

Coach Edmunds has three sons in the NFL

RINGGOLD, Va. – Dan River HS looks to reload for 2018.  Despite making a playoff appearance, the Wildcats finished under 500 for the first time since 2008. 
Youth was a factor last season, but five two-way players return this year.
 Coach Ferrell Edmunds is poised to get his team competing deep into the postseason again.
 With the recent success of his three sons in the NFL,  the Edmunds brothers have become a motivating factor for many of the players following their path at Dan River.

"We use that as motivation because we can see that they made it out so we can too.  I'm just putting hard work just like they did, so we can make it out like they did," Wildcats wide receiver Robert Carter says.

"We just come to practice more prepared. We had a lot of injuries early in the season and late in the season so hopefully we can limit those and just stay strong all season without injuries, and I think we'll be good," running back Brian Womack says.

"Our skill positions are looking real strong. We got a lot of speed, lot of guys who can run so if we use the speed we have and put guys in good position I think we have a great opportunity this year," Dan River head coach Ferrell Edmunds says.

The Wildcats will host Magna Vista on Aug 24. to open the season.


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