Salem Red Sox broadcast duo reflects on historic season

Melanie Newman and Suzie Cool discuss challenges, rewards in experience.

SALEM, Va. – In April of this year, Melanie Newman and Suzie Cool made history as the first female broadcast team in professional baseball. 

Over halfway through their seaon together, they took the time to reflect. 

"I'm really learning with time management, and being able to find the ups and downs of things," Newman said. "Like where to take a nap maybe and where to step back, suck it up, go for a couple hours of sleep, and push through on a 48-hour binge."

 "But it's been enlightening. It's been a really huge opportunity and a privilege to be trusted with that here," she added.

Newman is in her first season as the official voice of the Salem Red Sox, and after a few ups and downs, she's made significant strides. 

 "Just telling yourself to get through day by day instead of looking at it as a whole, the survive and advance method, it's kind of been the biggest key," she explained. 

Cool is the marketing and promotions manager, on field host, and joins Newman in the booth from time to time. She said her biggest challenge this season has been juggling her many roles. 

"I'm a perfectionist, so everything I do can always be better. I don't think even if you're an expert on something that you know everything in the room," she said. "There's always somebody who can teach you something different. So of course, I do wish some things were going better but for everything I have on my plate, everything is going pretty well."

So what has it been like for the trailblazers when it comes to the public's perception?

"With all the negative comments we saw, it was maybe one for every 300 positive comments we saw," Cool said. "We're not just breaking barriers for females, we're breaking barriers for everybody. I'm really appreciative when someone reaches out and is like, 'You're inspiring us, too. That's really cool to just see. It's not just the girls, you're inspiring the males, too."

 The goal for both of the women is to see the Sox in a playoff game this year, but for now, Newman calls the mentorship that she shares with Cool the ultimate reward. 

"It's a bond that you really can't find anywhere else. I've been blessed."

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