Former James River hoops star Ethan Humphries ready for coaching challenge at his alma mater

Humphries was a part of the 2010 state championship team

ROANOKE, Va. – 2020 has been quite the year for Ethan Humphries. In his 6th year at Cave Spring, he helped lead the Knights to a state title under head coach Jacob Gruse.

“Coach Gruse, he’s been unbelievable, he’s taught me many things on and off the court but I’m looking forward to the next chapter,” Humphries said.

The next chapter is a head coaching position at his alma mater, James River High School. “Obviously I’m familiar with the community, competing with that pride for the hometown. I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

A lot of the pride comes from its only boys basketball state title in 2010, a game Humphries helped win. “It was obviously a great experience and I can feed off of it but I don’t put too much weight in it. What I did in 2010 isn’t going to win any games in 2020. It’s nice to pull from but I’m not going to put any weight in it.”

Humphries will succeed his former coach, Mike Goad, who retired in April after 18 years as head coach. And he’s excited to get started.

“Yeah I’m definitely more of the reserved, sit back, let it happen, put in the time put in the work, hopefully don’t have to yell to much on the court. I’m excited to be back in the community, I know what a great community it is, just happy to compete with them,” he finished.

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