Backpacking with Brooke: Craig Climb

This hike is for anyone of all skill levels

SALEM, Va. – The Craig Climb at Greenhill Park in Salem is a super short, but steep hike, that anyone can do.

You’ll park at the very back of the park by the picnic shelter. The trail map signals the start of the climb. At the trail head, Craig Climb is the trail to the right. This trail is not difficult, so I wore my Chacos, and any footwear can work.

After a few yards, there is a set of stairs to your left, but continue straight ahead. On another super hot day, this trail offers so much shade, it wasn’t too bad.

While this trail is a little under a quarter of a mile, it is definitely steep. After about five or so minutes you’ll be at the top, opening up into a huge grassy field overlooking 12 O’Clock Knob and Poor Mountain.

The field is very vast, and the perfect place to let the dogs run around. After you’re done , head back the way you came. Now we’re going to the river.

When you come to a fork close to the bottom, head to the left. This trail is a little narrow and overgrown but still nice and in the shade. After about 5 minutes, you’ll get to the Roanoke River. The water felt so good.

And not to mention dog approved. Follow the trail to the left, and then after a few paces you’ll head to the right. This will lead you back to your car.

This hike is perfect to get out and stretch your legs, or a quick way to have a picnic with an amazing view.

About the Author:

Brooke Leonard is the newest addition to the 10 Sports team, joining in June 2019.