Around the Way with EJ: Rashad Jennings

ROANOKE, Va. – Rashad Jennings is truly a man of many different talents. Former NFL running back, author, Dancing With the Stars champion and now music producer.

In this second episode of season two, Jennings discusses his NFL career — how he originally viewed it and the steps it took to be there and what his advice was to recent NFL Draft pick Malik Wills.

The Forest native also touched on his faith and how vital that was for his journey.

“Get on your knees and pray like it all depends on God, get off your knees and work like it all depends on you,” Jennings said. “Give me a playbook and I’ll go succeed.”

The former Liberty standout opens up the discussion by talking about his newest endeavors — music and music production — under his gaming company’s “Nevahlost” brand.

About the Author:

Eric is no stranger to the Roanoke Valley. He is a Roanoke native and proud graduate of William Fleming High School.