1st and 10 Camp Tour: Heritage reloads with young talent

Brad Bradley’s Pioneers are a staple in the Class 3 Playoffs

Lynchburg, Va. – The 1st and 10 Camp tour checks in from Lynchburg City, where the perennial power Pioneers are reloading for yet another possible playoff run.

Coach Brad Bradley’s Pioneers are a mainstay in the Class 3 playoffs, coming out of the powerful Seminole district. Heritage was Region 3C finalist in the Spring of 2021. and the Pioneers lost in the region semis in the Fall of 2021. Coach Bradley’s squad returns 4 starters on both sides of the ball, but a slew of players with game experience. So, they are deeper than they appear on paper. That fact, plus the relentless work ethic that this team has been living since January, has coach Bradley optimistic that there’s another contender in the making in the Hill City.

“As a high school football coach to me that’s the challenge. Every January start with the new piece of clay and mold that into what you want. Maybe you don’t always get exactly what you want but I tell you right now man these kids have really worked for me and I’m really proud of them. You toughen them up and you figure out who wants to truly be there and do everything the right way this group right rear has paid the price they’ve invested they bought in and now it’s time for them to have a little bit of fun,” Bradley says.

”It’s been great the energy has always been here. Everybody especially the seniors coming out here we’re just ready to work ready for the season to start. I mean it’s like a family we’ve been working with each other for like so long it’s just like we click together. We know what we want we know what we want,” senior tackle Diallo Graves says.

The Pioneers open the season by hosting William Fleming on August 26th.

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