Virginia Tech, Tennessee to show up as two different teams in second meeting

SEATTLE, Wash. – Virginia Tech and Tennessee are squaring off on the biggest stage they’ve seen yet. They met earlier this season in December, but according to the players and coaches, the scout is almost completely different whether it’s player personnel or just normal differences and changes that they’ve made over the season.

That team that you saw in December could be very different here at the end of March.

“What’s obvious is they have three players that we didn’t play against last time Rickea Jackson, Hollingshead, and Franklin — all three of them didn’t play but they also have they also don’t have Chi, who was a big factor on their team and Suarez is no longer there,” Cayla King said.

“We have everybody back now so that’s going to be a difference. They’re going to have to see some more people to guard,” Tennessee forward Sara Puckett said. “Also, we’ve all grown, we’ve come together. We look very well right now just doing all the small things right now and continue to be consistent in.”

As Coach Brooks has said all season long, the Hokies defense creates their offense.

“It’s kind of the same game plan, just defensive rebounds like I’ve said in previous interviews just focusing on us really not trying to worry too much about them,” D’asia Gregg said. “If we worry too much about them will just get lost and not know what to do with yourself.”

“So we know that they know that we’re a good team, so we’re not going to sneak up on them and surprise them because we haven’t been here before,” Virginia Tech Coach Kenny Brooks said. “They know that we’re a good basketball team, we know that they’re a good basketball team, and everything else you just want to rely on what happens tomorrow.”

The last time Virginia Tech was in the Sweet 16 they actually played Tennessee Vols for the victor in that match up but it’s an entirely different story being written starting tomorrow at 6:30 PM in Seattle for the Sweet 16.

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