Around the Way with EJ: Brandon McCall

‘I want them to know that the community loves them.’

ROANOKE, Va. – To say Roanoke has shaped the man Brandon McCall has become, would be an understatement. Having lived in all corners of the city — Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast Roanoke — McCall has a wealth of knowledge.

Despite facing setbacks and challenges while growing up, McCall found his niche early in life.

“I’m very talented. I could do other things but I was like, motivational speaking, public speaking — I just want to encourage people and that’s how I got into it,” McCall said.

With that drive and motivation came McCall Motivation LLC. It has given him the opportunity to travel the country — sharing his knowledge, passion, and walk in life.

“The question I had to ask myself is what am I being trained by and what am I constantly practicing unconsciously.”

But no matter where he goes, McCall always keeps the youth of the Star City in his heart.

“I’m trying to get the relationship built, the foundational relationship built with 6, 7, and 8-year-olds while their brains are still pliable,” he said. In addition to being a motivational speaker, McCall runs the “Growth Football Camp.”

“What we do is come out and encourage students to play football,” McCall said. “Almost like a barrier between I think I could do it but I really don’t know. We’re just trying to get kids warmed up to the real football gridiron type of feel so that’s what we do. I want them to gain a sense of love. I want them to know that the community loves them and that this is what healthy love looks like.”

About the Author:

Eric is no stranger to the Roanoke Valley. He is a Roanoke native and proud graduate of William Fleming High School.