Tasty Tuesday: Flourz in Wytheville

Enjoy vegetarian food, great tasting sandwiches and a whole lot of sweets

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ROANOKE, Va. – Downtown Wytheville recently got an award-winning facelift, but Flourz was there to see it through. Community support and hard work by husband-wife duo, George and Teresa, has allowed Flourz to stay in full bloom for the past five years.

Teresa Boyd says their previous stint in Vegas has also helped them produce a variety of great tasting items.

"If we didn't have variety and diversity in our meal choices as a family, when we moved to Las Vegas - it definitely blossomed."

Despite the fact that Boyd says sandwich shops and small bakeries are a "dying breed," Flourz keeps pulling in the customers each day.

"More and more people are saying hey, we prefer something that we know. We can see it being prepared. We know it's fresh, and it's local."

People, like Todd Wolford of Downtown Wytheville Inc., will wait any amount of time to get their hands on these fresh and tasty sandwiches.

He was one he calls 'The Todd.' He says it's made of, "The roast beef like it's done on the menu, but we add chicken, thousand island dressing, a raspberry vinaigrette sauce and then we add avocado."

Once I found out you could build your own sandwich, I created one of my own; 'The Salty Michaels.'

We put chipotle chicken, salami, bacon, spinach, cucumbers, onion, salt and pepper, along with a special dressing they make there at Flourz. Talk about flavor!

• Flourz is open M-F from 10a to 2p.

• Their fan-favorite is the Cali Club, which has roast chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, onion, avocado, and their house dijonaisse spread.

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