Swarm of bugs hits the windshield and it just might be the grossest thing you see all day

Talk about yuck!


Most of us have probably been on a road trip and had to wash splattered bugs off the car's windshield, but we bet you've never seen this many bugs hit a windshield at once. 

A woman posted a video on Facebook of her driving in Michigan's Upper Peninsula when a swarm of bugs hit her windshield.

There are so many bugs landing at once that it almost sounds like she's driving through a wild rain or hail storm.

Yeah, we're just as grossed out as you are. 

The video has been shared and watched thousands of times, with most people commenting how shocking it is to see that many bugs in one spot.

Turns out, the Upper Peninsula is pretty well known for having intense black flies, horse flies and mosquitoes in the summer, so residents may be used to this, but for everyone else, this is wild.

Of course, the internet can really deliver when it comes to gross content, but ... imagine if this were you driving.

We just hope she's got lots of windshield wiper fluid handy. 

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