Election Day storms possible; some may become severe

Damaging wind gusts main threat with any storm


ROANOKE, Va. – As we've told you since Friday, we've been eyeing the threat for a few stronger storms come Tuesday (Election Day). Naturally, the closer and closer we get, the more refined the forecast becomes. So, we wanted to give you an update on where things stand, as of Sunday afternoon. 

Pictured above, you'll see that the Storm Prediction Center has placed our region under a "Slight Risk" of severe weather. What does this mean?

This puts our severe weather threat on a level 2 of 5, with 5 being the highest. This indicates that our severe threat will be scattered.

The main threat with any storms that move through will be high wind gusts that could damage trees and power lines. However, there is enough spin in the atmosphere to where we can't rule out an isolated tornado east of the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Timing is key, especially given the fact that it is Election Day. Latest forecast data suggests a line of showers and storms moving from west to east through our area. Our greatest chance for storms looks to be anywhere between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. The later you go, the farther east this line moves. 


Side note: We know that the Election Day floods of 1985 still resonate with a lot of you. This is very, very different from that event. That was due to a stalled tropical system, not a line of thunderstorms. 

One thing that may limit how strong this line gets could be some morning rain and clouds. That's where some refinement may be needed to the forecast. The severe potential is there, but if morning clouds are thick enough - that potential may decrease a bit for us.


That's why it's important that you stay up to speed on the latest forecasts that we put out on air, online, on social media and on the StormTeam 10 app.

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