Dorian moves away from East Coast Friday; our weather gets better

We'll stay breezy at times through Saturday, with tolerable humidity

ROANOKE, Va. – While parts of the Carolinas have dealt with everything from tornadoes to flooding and storm surge to wind damage, we've been on the quiet side of Dorian. 

As Dorian moves away from the East Coast, the wind stays breezy at times through Friday and Saturday.

It won't be anything overbearing. Quite frankly, we've had much worse days in the fall and winter. 

The wind out of the north and northwest actually plays in our favor. Even though the humidity is pretty tolerable already, humidity levels may drop just a bit more behind Dorian.

This sets things up perfectly for high school football, the UVA home game Friday, the Virginia Tech home game Saturday, and the many festivals going on in our area this weekend too.

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