Brief Tuesday AM snow possible; record cold on the way

Bottle up Monday's warm weather while you can

ROANOKE, Va. – Bottle up Monday's warm weather while you can. We're looking at some near-record cold settling in by Wednesday. This means that Tuesday is a transition day. 

We start with our high temperature around midnight Tuesday, with temperatures crashing throughout the day. This means that most of what falls in the Blue Grass Valley and western Greenbrier will be in the form of snow. Areas west of the Parkway will see an early morning switch to sleet/snow, with mainly rain from Roanoke to points east (few flurries and flakes possible).

Mountain tops will see the most snow accumulation, while parts of the NRV and Highlands may see a coating of snow on the grass. Bottomline is this: no snow day for us Tuesday. The road is too warm anyway.

As we mentioned, temperatures will drop during the day Tuesday and will continue to do so into Wednesday morning. We'll wake up to temperatures in the teens, which is record territory for a lot of us.

When you factor in the wind (5 to 15 mph), it may feel even colder at times Wednesday morning.

Make sure you let the faucet drip or gently stream, especially if you have exposed piping. Give the pets a warm place to stay. Keep objects away from the heater. Lastly, make sure your tires are filled up.

We're going from the 60s Monday to 10s Wednesday morning. Drastic temperature drops can wreak havoc on our cars. 

By Wednesday afternoon, we're looking at more record cold afternoon highs.

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