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Late-summer warmth thaws us out this week following weekend frost

Say goodbye to frost for now. Afternoon highs near 80° for some of us by mid-week.

Upper air pattern by the middle of the week
Upper air pattern by the middle of the week

ROANOKE, Va. – After a weekend full of frost and fall fun, warmer air is back in the picture. Monday is just a step up the ladder, though, as we start chilly with temperatures in the 40s. Afternoon highs will climb a few more degrees than they did Sunday. Many of us reach into the upper 60s and lower 70s.

Hourly planner for Monday, 10/19/2020

As we go through the rest of the week, the jet stream will continue to rise north. This will take any hint of mid-autumn air out of here, replacing it with a late summer feel at times.

What we're tracking throughout the week

Even dew points will rise throughout the week, making things feel unseasonably humid but still tolerable from Tuesday onward.

Muggy meter from 10/19 to 10/22/2020

This will prevent nighttime temperatures from dropping very far. Daytime highs will be in the mid to upper 70s from Tuesday through Thursday, and nighttime lows will only be in the 50s. This is more ‘typical’ of late October in Jacksonville, Florida!

Temperatures this week will be similar to the average warmth in Jacksonville, Florida

Meanwhile, things are picking up well offshore. The National Hurricane Center is monitoring two areas of development. One of which will likely become Epsilon within the next day or so. Another disturbance in the western Caribbean has a 30% chance of development within the next five days.

Tropical development odds with the next five days

Nothing tropical is expected to impact our weather just yet. A front later this week will bring rain back to the area, perhaps as soon as Friday evening. The better chance comes Saturday.

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