Last chance! Comet Leonard transitions to evening visibility the rest of the week

Make sure to grab binoculars and look below Venus in the southwest horizon after sunset

Virginia astro-photographer, captures the comet Leonard

ROANOKE, Va. – We first told you about the Comet Leonard a few weeks ago. Through Sunday, its faint tail could be seen in the eastern sky early in the morning.

Since making its closest pass to the sun, this comet has transitioned to evening visibility.

We spoke to the comet’s namesake, Greg Leonard, who told us, “It’s going to be more difficult to observe because it’s going to be very low in the western sky and southwestern sky at twilight and just after sunset; however, there’s an opportunity for this comet to brighten considerably.”

You can read much more on his discovery here. Perhaps of more interest to you is that Leonard has local ties. We spoke with two of his siblings in this story.

Make sure to find higher ground, and avoid city light pollution. Grab binoculars, and use Venus are your reference point. The comet will appear roughly 5° below the sky’s brightest planet.

Key points to viewing the Comet Leonard through December 17th

Should you manage to get a good glimpse and picture of this comet, make sure you submit your pictures to us via Pin It.

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