Tasty Tuesday: Rocky Mount rolled ice cream spot to go mobile in 2023

There are 23 different reasons as to why you’ll fall in love with The Chilled Spot.

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – Faith and love can lead to some wonderful things. For one Rocky Mount couple, that became a rolled ice cream shop.

Jasmine and Rob Tamale went on their first date at a rolled ice cream joint a little over two years ago.

Rob says of his wife, “She’s the master roller.”

Little did they know, that first date would come full circle. The Chilled Spot opened in early December of 2021 and has been a hit in Rocky Mount ever since.

The couple announced that December 2022 would be the last month of business for the brick and mortar location in Rocky Mount. However, they’ll be taking The Chilled Spot on the road!

Jasmine tells us she doesn’t even eat a lot of the flavors she’s created in recent months, but her friends, family and customers love them.

She tells us, “We’ve got over 23 flavors. We feature a flavor of the month each month. This month is salted caramel pretzel. Just depending on how it sells, we’ll add it to the menu.”

Jasmine’s Nana works at The Chilled Spot, and she had a say in what went on the menu.

“Nana’s Nutter Pecan, and that’s because all my childhood, that’s all my grandmother would eat.”

The S’mores and Cookie Dough didn’t last long when we tried them either. These flavors go more into just the rolled ice cream, though.

“Every flavor we have, you can also get it in a milkshake.”

And there’s a little something for the coffeeholic in you too.

“Chillata which comes in five different flavors. The ice cream base is in the bottom of the cup. We rim it with either caramel or white chocolate. It gets ice, freshly-brewed coffee, whipped cream and then whatever flavor that’s associated with the flavor you order.”

Most important to them is that you come in and feel the family atmosphere and the love. Their favorite Bible verse is a reminder of the mission.

“Philippians 4:6:7, and it says be anxious for nothing.”

Be anxious for nothing and “just chill.” That continues to be the mission, even as they go mobile after December 2022.

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