Comfortable weather through the weekend

Temperatures are mild, humidity is low, and the sun shines brightly through the day

ROANOKE, Va. – The cold front is to our south, the high pressure is here, and the nice weather our pattern brings us today sticks around for a while. This is a great weekend to get outside! Whether you want to go for a swim or hike up a mountain the weather will stay out of your way.

Skies are mostly sunny to partly cloudy throughout Friday. With all of that sunshine it would make sense for temperatures to be warmer today than yesterday, but that sun has to fight against new, cooler air coming in. Highs stay in the upper 70s to low 80s with similar conditions through Sunday.

Highs today are close to average without much summertime humidity

We don’t stay completely dry today: there is a chance for showers in the New River Valley and Southside in the afternoon. These showers are light and move on quickly so you won’t have to drastically alter your plans.

Spotty showers this afternoon won't be enough to make you cancel outdoor plans

One benefit of our recent rain is how it kept our pollen levels low. Now that there is more sunshine the pollen count goes back up. Pollen levels are right on the line between being tolerable and becoming a nuisance so be sure to have some allergy medicine on hand if you’re vulnerable.

With no wind or rain to keep them low pollen levels creep back up this weekend

Most of this weekend stays mild. Saturday is bright and sunny with only a few clouds dotting the sky, but on Sunday a few more clouds develop. Those bring afternoon showers that are stronger than what we see today. Saturday is the nicest part of the weekend to spend time outdoors, but if you want to get a round of golf in early Sunday you have the chance.

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Saturday stays dry from dusk till dawn, but a few showers pop up Sunday afternoon

The cooler air coming in today lasts well into next week. Despite some warmer air causing storms on Monday highs remain close to 80 or even into the 70s through Wednesday. Temperatures through the middle of August stays slightly below average which makes for a comfortable unofficial end to summer.

Temperatures stay below average through the middle of August

The severe threat for the isolated storms Monday is low, and by the middle of the week any showers that form are short lived.

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