Plenty of consistency in the days ahead

Partly cloudy skies, above average temperatures, and afternoon showers are here through the end of this week and the start of the next

Rain chances are consistent from Thursday into next week, but the showers that form are mostly light and isolated

ROANOKE, Va. – If you want to keep enjoying summer until the day the equinox hits the end of August is shaping up well for you. Conditions are consistently summer-like into the middle of next week.

Fall is right around the corner: the Autumnal Equinox is Thursday, September 22nd

If I had to pick just one day of the week ahead to get outside I would choose Wednesday. The High Pressure behind our last storm front keeps us nice and dry today. The humidity is low and skies are partly cloudy with a very low chance of showers.

Even after today there is plenty of enjoyable weather through this weekend and beyond. Highs are slightly above average: in Roanoke average highs at the end of August are 83 or 84 degrees while we have highs at 88 and 89 in the forecast.

The wrinkle in this week’s weather is daily shower chances. Warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico is moving onshore through the end of this week. The High Pressure makes it hard for that air to reach us, but that High moves to the east over the next few days.

High pressure after our last storm front keeps us dry Wednesday while a cold front to our south drives intense rain in Alabama and Mississippi

The warm air gets close to us Thursday and drives some showers with more to come Friday.

As the High moves east the warmer air coming from the Gulf of Mexico moves in driving showers and storms

There is enough energy for storms to form Friday and over the weekend. Any storms that build are short-lived, but some lightning and heavy rain are possible.

The few showers and storms that build up Friday afternoon may delay a game or two, but the chances of a wash-out are low

Since these showers and storms are isolated each day you can spend at least some time outside. Be sure to download our weather app for a live radar so you can see if any rain is coming to your town.

You will need to turn the porch light on a bit sooner for this last week of August. Sunset is at 8:00 PM on Wednesday and will only get earlier until the Winter Solstice.

We have to wait more than seven months for the next day when the sunset is later than 8:00 PM

A few extra clouds on Sunday keep high temperatures a few degrees below the rest of the next 7 days. Highs bounce right back up on Monday: most of us reach the mid-to-upper 80s both Monday and Tuesday.

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