The first sunny weekend in a while leads into a sunny work week

That sunshine means warmer than average temperatures to start fall

High pressure stays strong into next week. Clouds are rare from now through Friday.

ROANOKE, Va. – Our strong high pressure keeps us nice and clear this weekend. The string of rainy weekends finally breaks so try to enjoy this calm weather while we have it. Sunshine is consistent well into next week, but a warmup is on the way.

Poor Mountain at 7:00 AM: starting the day with fog and some clouds

Sunday’s temperatures are just a little warmer than Saturday’s. Monday brings them up a few more degrees into the upper 80s. When fall starts on Thursday average temperatures are in the upper 70s; most spots are about 10 degrees warmer than average.

Temperatures on the first day of fall this year are close to 10 degrees above average

Humidity is climbing up, but it’s still manageable. It does feel stickier this week than last week. The good news is humidity is still far lower than in the dog-days of summer when dewpoints can climb into the 70s.

The humidity creeps up this week even though we stay clear. Mid-September feels better than July or August, but these dewpoints are not typical for early fall.

One of the downsides of the weather being this consistently nice is the pollen in the air. Some rain or wind would help alleviate the problem, but with this calm weather the pollen count is going to rise. At this point in the year Ragweed is the only issue for us so be sure to prepare if you do want to enjoy this nice weekend.

Pollen levels are high this weekend because the weather is so calm. Expect some sniffles if you're sensitive to ragweed.

If your local pool is still open, try to enjoy the next few days! Even on Monday the conditions are nice outside; if you can get out after work or school that afternoon is sunny and a tad on the warm side. With fall starting soon we will inevitably see cooler temperatures so look at this warm stretch as an opportunity!

The warm temperatures this weekend and into next week make it a great time to take a dip

Highs don’t change much right when the season changes over, but with more night than day from Thursday all the way until next March you can expect cool days before too long.

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