Weather whiplash! A trifecta of warmer afternoons followed by a strong cold front

We go from 70s to frost late this week into the weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – As the remnants of Ian FINALLY move offshore, we’ll be rewarded with even nicer weather than the past couple of days.

High pressure takes over, leading to sinking air. This results in cool mornings through Friday but warmer afternoons.

Highs Wednesday and Thursday reach into the 70s for most of the area.

Forecast high temperatures for 10/5 and 10/6/2022

Keep in mind - this is exactly the weather you want to get the leaves to start changing colors!

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Come Friday, we’ll track a strong cold front that will move through heading into the evening.

What we're tracking by Saturday, 10/8/2022

This will cool things off a bit for high school football action that evening. It’ll also be breezy at times.

High school football forecast for Friday, October 7, 2022

That said, the chance for frost Saturday morning is fairly low. The wind will be mixing the air around enough to prevent that from developing.

Frost potential through Sunday, 10/9/2022

As the wind calms Sunday and Monday mornings, however, temperatures dip into the 30s.

This leads to frost and perhaps some freezing temperatures in the New River Valley and Highlands.

Morning lows through Monday, 10/10/2022

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Afternoon highs this weekend will range from the 50s in the mountains to 60s down lower. Contrary to last weekend, we’ll see plenty of sunshine this time around.

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