Short stretch of sun but still cool

Highs are stuck in the 60s through the week

ROANOKE, Va. – We started the day on the chilly side, and even though we can warm up to 30 degrees higher than where we started the day that only puts us in the 60s.

Sunny skies add about 30 degrees from morning lows, but that only puts us in the 60s

Temperatures are in the 60s for only a few hours, but we stay above 50 for the first hours after sunset.

Wind speeds are highest when temperatures are above 50

Winds pick up after 3:00 PM, but since we are above 50 degrees wind chill is not an issue. Once we fall below 50 winds ease off.

Lows are particularly cold in the NRV

Lows are in the 30s across the region with the Highlands and NRV mostly at or below freezing. These temperatures are even cooler than Monday morning.

Freeze Watches and Warnings are spread through the Highlands and NRV

Counties in the north and west are in Freeze Watches and Warnings through Tuesday morning. After Tuesday lows slowly but steadily improve into the upper 30s and 40s.

Temperatures can only rise into the 60s thanks to the cool mornings

Highs are consistent for the sunny days at the start of the week. Tuesday only adds a few degrees. Clouds later this week prevent us from warming much more.

The incoming clouds prevent us from warming above the 60s

Incoming showers start Wednesday and last into the start of next week. If you want to enjoy the sunshine Monday and Tuesday are your only chances for a while.

Rain rates may vary, but wet weather is consistent through the end of the week

Friday is one of the rainiest days ahead, but storms are unlikely until Sunday. Dry conditions in Lynchburg and Southside will get much better from the late-April showers.

One warm front after another keeps rain in the forecast

A number of warm fronts move through the country in the second half of the week. Friday sends lots of moisture our way, and the cold front coming over the weekend has the best chance of causing storms.

Rain keeps pollen levels down in the later part of the week

Another benefit of the rain is limiting pollen. Pollen counts are still high at the start of the week, but once rain arrives it does a great job of preventing the pollen from spreading through the air. Consistent rain means consistently low pollen towards the weekend.

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