Storms Saturday sweep plenty of cold our way for Sunday

Temperatures drop close to 15 degrees this weekend

Showers are at their widest spread by 5:00 PM

ROANOKE, Va. – Friday combines some of the nicest part of each day this weekend. We stay dry like Sunday but hold on to plenty of warmth like Saturday.

Temperatures stay above 80 for most of the afternoon

Sunny skies push temperatures into the 80s around lunchtime. We stay above 80 well into the late afternoon.

The longest day of the year is only 20 minutes longer than Friday

There is lots of sunshine available at this time of the year. For comparison the longest day of the year is only 20 minutes longer than Friday while the shortest day is 5 hours shorter.

Long days mean lots of chances to get sunburnt

That long, uninterrupted sunshine means it’s very easy to get sunburnt. The high UV index means that if you’re outdoors without sunscreen for even 15 minutes you can start to burn.

The Tropical Depression in the Gulf of Mexico moves away from us through Saturday

Further south Tropical Depression 2 formed yesterday. The system is staying in the Gulf of Mexico and moving south on Saturday leaving us alone.

Saturday starts clear, calm, and warm with temperatures close to 60

Instead our storms come from the northeast and move southwest on Saturday. We start dry with hardly any clouds. That early day sunshine helps us warm up quickly.

Light, scattered showers arrive by 2:00 PM

Showers develop soon after noon with good coverage by 2:00 PM. Storms are unlikely until later in the afternoon so if you have chores to do there are a few afternoon hours available.

Showers spread in the late afternoon with our best storm chances

Storms have the best chance of forming between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. The severe risk is low, but rainfall in the NRV could cause some very isolated flooding. Wind gusts and lightning can also arise from this system.

Saturday's severe storms stay well to our west

Severe storms likely stay well to our west on Saturday. If you’re flying through Dallas there could be some storm delays.

Temperatures take a big dip across all zones

The cold front that causes these storms cools us down quite a bit. Temperatures drop about 15 degrees for highs in each zone.

You could even get a round of golf in early Saturday if you're done by noon

Saturday isn’t great for chores, golfing, or swimming. If you want to spend time outside this weekend Sunday is a much nicer day for it. Even with the cooldown temperatures are still spring-like.

Detroit's weather holds up well for the Indycar race that you can watch on WSLS on Sunday

If you’d rather spend some time inside on Sunday we’d love for you to check out the Indycar Detroit Grand Prix on WSLS at 3:00 PM. Temperatures and sky conditions look great for qualifying on Saturday and for the race on Sunday.

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