Cloudy skies dominate the majority of this week

Today will be mild and tonight will bring isolated showers.

ROANOKE, Va. – This upcoming week’s weather headlines include mostly cloudy skies with isolated rain chances for the next several days. The sun will peek through at times these next few days, but sunshine fully returns this weekend.

Cloudy conditions will continue to dominate the mid-Atlantic

We had a clump of dry air move over our region yesterday, but that is tracking out to the east and more moisture is moving in. This will retain cloudy skies for Monday.

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Moderate temperatures for today

Monday’s temperatures climb to near average for this time of year. Lower to upper 70s expected across west central Virginia.

This week will provide isolated showers every day

Rain chances exist all this week, but are highest on Tuesday and Wednesday thanks to a front that will be pushing in from the west.

Here is what Wednesday will look like. A stationary front will offer showers and clouds

Here is a look at the setup for the middle of this week. Remnants of Ophelia will move offshore and a front will move in from the west. A stationary front will develop between these two systems and bring us more cloud cover and chances at isolated showers.

A look at the next 7 days

Cloudy skies will stay around until late this week. Sunny skies finally make a comeback by the weekend.

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