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Election Board ‘reluctantly’ grants extension, Bob Good will be on November ballot

Good incorrectly thought that when the convention was shifted back, the deadline would be as well

Bob Good discusses next steps as GOP nominee for Virginia's 5th District
Bob Good discusses next steps as GOP nominee for Virginia's 5th District

RICHMOND, Va. – After a passionate discussion on Tuesday afternoon, those in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District will see Republican Bob Good on the ballot in November.

Good, who spoke during the State Board of Elections meeting, admitted that he missed the June 9 filing deadline, something he has never denied.

He explained that had the original convention date remained, he would have had weeks to file the form; however, when the convention was pushed back to June 13, the June 9 deadline was not shifted.

Good said that the delegates arrived at the convention “fully knowledgeable” that he was three days late in filing his form.

“The delegates knew that and yet they overwhelmingly voted for me by a margin of almost 60 to 40,” said Good during the meeting. “I would just humbly and graciously ask for you to grant the extension because that would respect the will, the overwhelming will, of the delegates who nominated us for the Republican nomination.”

The public could also comment during the meeting and many spoke passionately on both sides of the issue.

Some felt that the candidate who was selected by the people should be able to represent them on the ballot.

Others; however, felt that missing this deadline was an unacceptable oversight and an extension should not be granted.

Even when it came time to decide whether or not to vote on the topic, there was tension.

Vice Chair of the Board John O’Bannon introduced the motion and explained that the extension doesn’t just favor a single political party but both as other candidates missed the deadline too.

After O’Bannon spoke, Chairman Robert Brink posed the question, “Is there a second?”

After a few seconds of silence, Brink continued, ”I will reluctantly second that motion.”

To which a participant in the virtual meeting, it wasn’t clear who, said, “Well don’t if you don’t like it.”

When it came time to vote, Brink and O’Bannon both passed it, while Secretary of the Board Jamilah LeCruise voted against.

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