Virginia’s 5th District nominee Bob Good speaks out after convention win

Good defeated Rep. Denver Riggleman in Saturday's convention

LYNCHBURG, Va. – 5th District Republican nominee Bob Good is still riding high on his win Saturday.

“We’re really gratifying to get that first phase of the campaign behind us,” said Good.

Good defeated incumbent Denver Riggleman in a record-breaking drive-in convention.

About 2,500 people flocked to Lynchburg to vote.

Good was criticized by his opponent last week for missing the deadline to get his name on the November ballot.

He admits he missed it by a few days but, “state code gives a 10-day grace period. It’s customary. It’s happened many, many times. It’s always approved within that grace period to be on the ballot, so we don’t have any concerns,” Good said.

Good is a Lynchburg native and Liberty University alum who worked at the university for 15 years until recently.

He said his key campaign priorities are standing strong on his Christian values, the constitution, reforming immigration and supporting anything President Donald Trump does.

10 News asked Good about today’s climate with racial injustice. He said the country has come a long way in 50-plus years, but more work needs to be done.

When asked about police reform. He said there’s a small percentage of officers who break the rules.

“We need to attack that. We need to root that out. We need to condemn that. We need to bring swift justice, but at the same time we need to support those who are keeping us safe and working so hard to do that,” Good said.

Good says the 5th District is known to never sway blue and it’s why he’s confident he’ll win.

“This is a bright red conservative district, if we run a good strong campaign, we certainly should prevail in November,” Good said.

There are currently four Democrats campaigning for the same seat. Good will go against one of them in November.

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