Virginia Tech reveals new academic logo

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Virginia Tech unveiled a new academic logo Tuesday morning.

The new brand is a year in the making, as the university has been collecting feedback from students, faculty, staff and alumni. 

"It expresses where we've been, it expresses where we are, and now with our new branding, it's going to express where we're going," Tracy Vosburgh, senior associate vice president for University Relations said.

It's more than just a logo though, it's a new platform to reflect where the university stands today.

"What Virginia Tech does and it does it in such a unique way is it brings the service model, the Ut Prosim, the history and the tradition of giving back, of having an impact on the world of something larger than yourself," Vosburgh said.

The university put out the first clothing items with the new official logo at the bookstore. It looks similar to the flying VT that athletics uses. University leaders say that's because they want to play off of that logo, which has become popular across the country. 

"It's one very simple line, but it's open, that openness is inclusion and diversity, one of the pillars of President [Timothy] Sands' strategic initiative. It has a curve in it that is a softer side of Virginia Tech, it's got a square root in it which is the STEM side of Virginia Tech," Vosburgh said.

"I think it's really cool. One of our hallmarks of the university is innovation and I feel like making it more streamlined, a little more clean cut definitely ties into that," VT alum Tom Medina said.

The last time Tech rebranded was 2006. 

The former logo will be moved to the vintage collection. The "Invent the Future" tagline is being retired. 

The logo for athletics is unchanged.