Tasty Tuesday: Scratch Biscuit Company

A southern breakfast classic with a few twists thrown in the mix too

ROANOKE, Va. – Whether it’s smoking meat, canning jars of jelly, jam and sauce or handcrafting their biscuits, everything at Scratch Biscuit Company is homemade. The desire to keep it all local is something felt not just at Scratch, but throughout Grandin Village.

“It’s just full of local shops, and the residents are really adamant about supporting all things local,” said Nathan Webster, the owner of Scratch.

“Farmers in general are the backbone of our nation. If you’re eating food, you need to thank a farmer," said Webster, remembring his life on his family farm north of Roanoke.

Even the flour used for the savory biscuits comes from nearby at Big Spring Mill in Elliston.

As for the recipes, Webster said it’s a blend of family recipes and his kitchen manager, Sheila’s, recipes. That’s how they’ve come up with top sellers like the Brisket Biscuit and the Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit.

Not only is the flavor incredible, but it’s that comfort food we all crave from a southern breakfast.

What’s especially cool is that you can order your food to pick up curbside.

Scratch also provides catering services for any kind of holiday party you have planned.

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