Yard angels give Christiansburg man a much-needed yard makeover for free

Due to illness, Doug Barnett can no longer do work around his home

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va.Back to Nature Landscaping and Construction is giving back to the community it serves.

Owners James and McKenzie Ulmer, alongside their employees, recently completed a yard makeover for a Christiansburg man who has been on hospice care for the past two years.

For years, Doug Barnett, a retired electrician, took pride in doing work around the home he built in the 1970s in Christiansburg for his wife Sally and their children.

He’s no longer able to do the work since he became ill two years ago and now spends most of his days inside by the fire.

“I'm glad to see it get done because I knew it needed to get done but I couldn't see any way I could do it,” Barnett said.

Back to Nature Landscaping and Construction is doing it all for free.

For the Ulmers and the company’s employees, it’s a labor of love.

His daughter, Christy, nominated Barnett for the Yard Angels project offered by the company.

“She said that he used to take great pride in his yard and that it was always important to him so we wanted to be able to help him out and put a smile on his face and put his yard back to square one,” McKenzie Ulmer said.

Every employee volunteered to donate an hour of work each week to pay for the project.

“We are trying to make it maintenance free for Doug and his family. We are putting a wheelchair ramp in so he can get in and out of the house, we put in some plants, redid the mulching and reseeded the yard,” said James Ulmer.

“It warms my heart. It really does. You don't see many outfits willing the burn the dollar for old folks like me,” said Barnett.

As he looked over the work the company completed, he’s again filled with pride and gratitude.

'Thank you. From the bottom of my heart,” Barnett said. “Thank you.”

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