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Tasty Tuesday: Graziano’s Italian Restaurant

Most Italian restaurants are very generous with their portions, and Graziano’s is no exception

FOREST, Va. – Growing up with Italians in your family, there’s a saying at the table. “Have a little,” which translated means, “Keep eating!” Graziano’s Italian Restaurant is no exception to that.

Co-owner, Anthony Graziano, said, “We don’t skimp,” as he laid down a bed of cheese on their 24-inch pizza.

To put some perspective on it, most bass drums/kick drums at a rock band’s concert are about 20-22″ in diameter.

As far as what you get on the pie, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to the huge, Jersey slice, their Philly Cheesesteak isn’t for the faint of heart (or stomach) either. We measured it out to be 16 inches long. The good thing about these very generous portions, says Graziano, is that, “People will say I have lunch for days.”

For the Graziano’s, it’s all about family; family-owned and family style. Anthony works with his mom, his brother, his daughter and his nephew with recipes that started with his dad more than 60 years ago.

Their father started them out young. Both Anthony, and his brother Joey, said, “As long as we could walk, we were in the kitchen.”

Between the dough that crunches with each bite of their pizza to the sauce that makes their chicken parmigiana so savory, it’s all homemade and deeply rooted within their family history.

By the end, you’re stuffed, but you’re happy. So is the man who started it all.

“He’s probably smiling ear to ear right now seeing that name on top of this building.”

Graziano’s is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 11 to 9, and they’re located at 18405 Forest Rd. in Forest, Virginia.

10 News got the idea to visit Graziano’s, because of a viewer’s suggestion.

You can suggest a spot too by emailing me or sending me a message on Facebook. Scroll down to the bottom of this article, and click on the links below my picture to do so!

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