TAKEOUT TUESDAY: Bernard’s Gastropub & Eatery offers full menu throughout pandemic

The lights may be off, and the chairs may be up, but the Bernard’s are giving you all they’ve got.

ROANOKE, Va. – Jon and Lindsay Bernard have been around the restaurant business for a while.

Jon started cooking when he was “knee-high,” as he tells us, and started his first job when he was just 14. When the opportunity came along to make something their own, they went at it with all they had and made Bernard’s Gastropub & Eatery.

They “literally built it from the ground up,” as Jon says.

In just a few short years, the Bernard’s have built quite the following in the Roanoke Valley. They, like many others, never expected a global

“It’s tough when you have your whole life invested in a project, and it be a successful one at that, and then this happens.”

Times like these take a village in order to thrive and survive, the Bernard’s say, “The support has been overwhelming. There’s a lot of customers out there that have been very, very generous to our staff.”

Despite the support, the future remains uncertain. They tell 10 News that they are “keeping our heads above water...treading.”

Jon questions, “Who knows how long we can continue like this?”

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