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TASTY TUESDAY: Clutch Smoked Meats offers something different in the Star City

From crafted sandwiches to chicken and funnel cake, Clutch has a lot of different flavors for you to try.

Check out this new Roanoke restaurant!

ROANOKE, Va. – “It’s not the same old sandwiches you would find everywhere. It’s our own unique twist on sandwiches,” says General Manager, Meghan Bethel. Bethel and the crew at Clutch Smoked Meats are happy to finally introduce the Star City to what they’ve worked on for a while.

She says, “We were ready to go in March, and then COVID came along.”

Hickory-smoked meats like pastrami or brisket are thrown in the smoker for hours. In addition to the traditional smoked meats, they offer things like salmon and, “Our freebird chicken, which is our fried chicken, bacon and rumaloude and pimento cheese.”

This kind of variety and the size of the sandwich has drawn a big following already on social media.

Then there’s the smell and flavor that’s piled high into sandwiches like the Cuban Press. Chef Alex walked us through the process, adding, “Horseradish aioli on it, sliced ham and a hefty handful of pulled pork.”

Add that to Brussel sprouts that your kids may actually want to eat.

“Add our dry rub, and there are your Brussel sprouts.”

Then, there’s Sunday brunch. They’ve got their own twist on the BLT. The one that’s taken the Roanoke Valley by surprise has been the Chicken and Funnel Cake, “served with peppercorn and maple syrup over top of it.”

Bethel says this sweet treat comes at a good time. “You can’t attend the fair this year, so you can just come this way. We’ll have the funnel cake waiting for you.”

Specials throughout the week are in the works as well, including a Wing Wednesday. Once those are finalized, the crew will have them posted on their social media pages and website previously linked in this story.

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