Knock on wood: 7 common superstitions and the quirky explanations behind them

Turns out there may be a remedy to bad luck for breaking a mirror

Have you ever paused in your tracks when a black cat crossed your path, or thrown salt over your shoulder after spilling it?

There's a long list of superstitions many of us follow, but why? It turns out there are explanations.

Breaking a mirror

In case it’s not enough that breaking a mirror may bring bad luck, that bad luck is said to then persist for seven whole years.

A long, long time ago (think ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks), mirrors were valuable, and (of course) possessed some mystical attributes, according to the Psychic Library.

In Roman times, it was believed that each person’s body would undergo physical regeneration every seven years. Because a mirror reflected the soul, when one was broken, it signified a break in the person’s health and well-being.

There is good news, though. It is said that if you bury the broken pieces of a mirror underground and under the moonlight, you can avoid the bad luck.

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