Meet this Army captain, recently presented with Bronze Star Medal after deployment during pandemic

‘We had to fight an enemy that we could not see’

Soldiers (Provided by Maximillian Boudreaux)

How familiar are you with what military members do, day in and day out?

On this Veterans Day, meet Capt. Damien Woodbury.

Of course, all military members deserve our recognition for voluntarily raising a hand and going to bat for our country and our freedom. But today, one soldier in particular deserves an extra tip of the cap: Woodbury.

Capt. Damien Woodbury is at center. (Provided by Maximillian Boudreaux)

Amid the uncertain times that go hand in hand with a global pandemic, Woodbury was sent overseas. In fact, he just recently returned home. Despite the circumstances of his deployment, he still managed to receive one of the highest military honors while in Iraq: The Bronze Star.

The star is the fourth-highest award a service member can receive.

It’s presented to soldiers who exemplify heroic or meritorious achievement on a mission.

Woodbury did just that when he went on an assignment as an officer in charge of the Advise, Enable and Assist mission.

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