Should I pay my tax bill with a credit card?

Breaking down the pros, cons to doing so

Stock image. Anna Shvets
Stock image. Anna Shvets (Pexels)

For those who will have to pay money on their tax returns, a big question usually follows once the amount owed is determined: Should I put this tax bill on my credit card?

It all depends on one’s situation and preferences.

Paying taxes with a credit card usually comes with fees of roughly 2%, so if you owe $500, there will be a $10 credit card fee. If you owe $20,000, there will be a fee of $400.

There also can be a limit on how often you can make payments with a card, which can be viewed by clicking or tapping here.

But despite the fees, sometimes it can be beneficial to charge your tax bill on a card.

Here are five pros and cons, according to Finder.

5 pros

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