New bridge at famous Upper Peninsula tourist attraction leads to heated debate

People for and against the new bridge at Tahquamenon Falls take to social media

Tahquamenon Falls. (Ken Haddad, WDIV)

One of Michigan’s most popular tourist attractions is getting a bit of a facelift, and some are none too pleased about it.

On Wednesday, construction took place at Tahquamenon Falls in the state’s Upper Peninsula, where a bridge to the island on the lower falls was installed.

For those not familiar, the only way to get to that island historically is by taking a row boat, a novelty that many tourists love.

By building the bridge, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources hopes to increase accessibility to the island for those with disabilities and other physical limitations, or for those who would just rather not take a row boat.

People on both sides of the issue took to the Falls’ Facebook page before a helicopter placed four pieces that comprise the bridge into place.

Those not in favor of the bridge expressed concern that it will take away from the row boat experience, lessen the scenic views of the island and become a threat to the surrounding landscape.

Supporters of it lauded the opportunities it will give other visitors to see the island in person.

But regardless, the new bridge will change the dynamic for future visitors of what is one of Michigan’s most popular tourist destinations.

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