Watch as 4-year-old girl recognizes fire, alerts father

What a heroic act!

A family in Jacksonville forever has a little girl to thank for saving their home, and possibly their lives also.

This happened in June 2021 and is part of a series where we are looking back at most-watched viral videos.

The video had more than 866,000 views at the time this story was published.

Amelia Jermyn, who was 4 at the time, was running around her house listening to music from the movie “Frozen” when she noticed something strange.

A fire had started in the kitchen around the stove, so Amelia immediately took action after noticing it.

Amelia ran to her father, Daniel, who at the time was in the bathroom brushing his teeth.

Daniel noticed the air fryer was on fire, but he couldn’t immediately find the fire extinguisher.

Daniel eventually just grabbed the air fryer and threw it in the pool outside.

The damage turned out to be minimal thanks to the quick action of Amelia.

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