New Castle Powerball winner scores big, plans to help father battle cancer

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NEW CASTLE (WSLS 10) - A New Castle man was one of two to win big in Virginia's Powerball this weekend, and the lucky cash couldn't have come at a better time for his family.

On Saturday, two Virginia Powerball players scored big. The other lucky winner is from Virginia Beach.

Locally, Billy Aliff matched four out of the five Powerball numbers and put a dollar down for the Power Play. That's a $2 million payday.

But he doesn't have his eye on cars or a big house. Aliff said he plans to use the cash to help his father battle cancer.

"I'm just shocked," Aliff said. "It's just hard to explain how you feel. That's a lot of money."

In the small town of New Castle word travels fast. It's a win for the community, too, as the town gains recognition. Aliff bought his winning ticket at the Mick or Mac convenient store.

"I've been here for 17-years and I've never seen anything going on like this in all that time," said Mick or Mac employee Lynne Price.

But Aliff said he hoped for the win for a long time. This time, luck was on his side.

"On Saturdays I play my three dollars and I pick my own numbers by random," said Aliff. "My daughters always think it's funny, because I always close my eyes and pick them."

Aliff said he plans to take the lump sum of cash so he can help his parents; his father suffers from terminal cancer.

"He's in the hospital and undergoing chemo," Aliff said.

And, those bills add up quickly. With the money Aliff, also plans to quit his job, but still work on car repairs from home.

"I hope it makes it easier, but I know with money comes a whole lot of responsibility," said Aliff.

For Aliff, forking over his three bucks every weekend for a chance to win big is a tradition he's going to carry on.

"Everybody's got that little bit of hope in the back that it could be me this time," said Mick or Mac employee Price. "Or they wouldn't be playing. They're always hoping. So, I just can't wait to see to see who the next one is and I hope they're close by."

Store management said they expect to see an increase in Powerball ticket sales.