New voting machines help Montgomery County voters with disabilities


CHRISTIANSBURG (WSLS 10) - New technology is helping voters with disabilities fill out their ballots for the November election.

Several localities in southwest Virginia just made the switch to machines called the Unisyn OVO.

Montgomery County, Roanoke County and Roanoke City are among the first to have these new machines.

The state recently decertified the previous machines that allowed disabled voters to cast their ballots curbside through a special process.

That is why Montgomery County just spent nearly $130,000 to buy 30 new machines.

They have a special keyboard and earphones for people who are visually challenged. They also have a touch screen with instructions for those with hearing issues, so they can navigate the process without talking to an election official. The equipment even comes with what is called a sip and puff feature to allow those who are paralyzed to vote on their own.

There will be one of these new machines in each Montgomery County precinct on election day. There is also one at the registrar's office now for absentee voters.