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Sheffey Elementary closed early due to water issues

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WYTHE COUNTY (WSLS 10) -- The Wythe County School Board closed Sheffey Elementary School early Tuesday morning due to a water line break and subsequent issues.

According to Superintendent Jeff Perry, the water line break happened last week after some minor leaks. Perry said the school became aware it was something more than "run of the mill leaks" on Thursday, but was able to cut the water on and off as needed for meal times and to allow students to use the bathroom.

The problems continued and crews worked on the issue Monday night. The administration thought things would run as normal on Tuesday, but in the morning it was discovered the water was not able to turn on and off and another piece to fix the problem was needed.

Many parents called the school board all morning with questions about why administrators let the students come to school Friday and Monday despite the water issues.

Superintendent Perry said the school has an alert system for parents when there is a serious issue, but school officials elected not to send out anything last week because they were still able to turn the water on and off for the students as needed.

Perry said he expects the water will run as normal by lunchtime Tuesday and the students can return to school Wednesday morning.